Metal Beyblade Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

If you haven’t heard of Beyblades you may have been under a rock but I’ll give you a quick primer here: tops are started to spin by rip cords in an arena and made to collide.  The last top spinning wins!  This set  pictured below has everything you’ll need to get started: an arena, 2 Beyblades and everything you need to launch and assemble the tops.

You heard me right, assembly is required but that’s where the fun starts.  You can rebuild your Beyblades to have different characteristics allowing them to spin differently to be most apprpriate for the opponent and arena.  This really allows players to continue to play and learn what combinations work best in various circumstances.  Also there are ways more experienced players can handicap themselves to allow fun for all Beyblade sill levels.

Check this out by clicking here to see this product and other Beyblades or click the picture below to find some of the best prices on the market!

Metal Beyblade Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set


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