Are You Ready for Christmas?

Did you hear that?  It’s the sound of Jingle Bells.   They are just around the corner, bringing with the joys of the season and the stresses.

But Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful this year.  You can start getting ready right now with this free guide: Christmas Planning Starts Early.

This short guide covers:

  • Tips to get Christmas shopping done early, like gift ideas for teachers and coworkers.
  • How to get that difficult person on your list the perfect gift.
  • Preparing for big Christmas dinners, including how much meat to get per person.
  • Making decorations easy by spreading them out.


Plus, you’ll get emails about great Christmas party games, Christmas crafts you can do with your kids, lots of decorating ideas (including Griswold style!), and more!   Also, as the holiday approaches, we’ll be sending out our top ten lists of gifts for the year, whether you need gifts for toddlers or for grandparents!

Just One Simple Step to Get This Great Guide!



To get this free guide, you just need to do one thing.  Just enter your name and email address to instantly access this download.  If at any point you decide you don’t want our emails any more, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.  It’s that simple.

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