Karaoke at Christmas Time

christmas karaoke machineMost people don’t associate karaoke with Christmas time at all. In fact, karaoke still suffers from a bit of a cheesy reputation perpetuated by depictions in popular movies and television shows. A whole segment of the population immediately thinks of someone making a fool of themselves in front of total strangers when the subject of karaoke comes up. But it’s important to realize that karaoke is more popular than ever and it’s making great inroads to becoming more mainstream each year. There is no denying that sales of home karaoke machines are higher than ever, and many families enjoy it together in the comfort of their own living rooms.

So what does karaoke have to do with Christmas? Remember that a big part of Christmas has to do with singing and sharing the holidays through song. If you’re old enough, then you will remember a time when Christmas carollers traveled from home to home while singing classics such as “White Christmas” and “Silent Night”. It was also common for more traditional families to gather around the fireplace and sing songs together on Christmas Eve in anticipation of opening their presents. It’s a bit sad that some of this musical tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside in modern times. For one reason or another, we don’t see carollers on the street anymore and many people don’t even know the lyrics to some of the most popular Christmas carols of all time.

If you want to interject a bit of tradition and song into your next Christmas season, then the answer may lie in karaoke. Once you put aside any preconceptions that you have, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a great way to blend modern technology with old-time fun. There’s something magical about karaoke and the way it connects people through the power of music, and all you have to do is visit a singing bar to see dozens of strangers coming together in celebration of their favorite songs. With a karaoke machine in the heart of your living room it can be the perfect centerpiece to give your entire family something to do during Christmas time. Even the grumpiest grandpa or the most cynical teenager will melt once the music starts playing. People can’t help themselves when it comes to karaoke and it will be even more magical in such a comfortable family setting.

There are great systems these days that standalone with self-contained displays, or you can get a product that hooks up to your big screen TV. There are also wonderful Christmas compilations that feature all of your favorites, and it won’t matter if you don’t know the words because they will scroll right in front of you while familiar tunes play in the background. With an extra microphone you will be able to sing wonderful duets, and of course you can top off the evening by having your entire family join in on the final song. And don’t forget, you don’t necessarily have to stick with a Christmas theme for the entire night since you can just as easily move on to singing classic rock songs or modern pop favorites. You’ll find that it won’t take long for everyone to get into the spirit of the holiday season, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of trying karaoke at Christmas before.

Remember that a karaoke machine can also make the perfect Christmas gift for kids of all ages. There are basic systems that will delight children and allow them to sing for hours. Modern systems can be portable enough to use at birthday parties or to bring along for a sleepover. And if you happen to be shopping for an adult, then there are plenty of high-end models that feature such things as pre-programmed songs, auto-tuning, iPod compatibility, and disco lights.

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