So You Need Gift Ideas for Christmas?

So the holidays have rolled around faster than you realized and you need some gift ideas for Chistmas?  That’s no problem, follow these few steps and you’ll pick something that will be a great gift for your friend or loved one.

  1. What’s their secret passion? If your giftee openly likes cigars or golf or hand bags a lot of people will go right to that.  Your gift needs to be unique, find something that no one else would get.  Maybe they have a love of show tunes or banzai gardening talk with them or people who know them well and you’ll find some great ideas.
  2. What is something they’ve always wanted to do but never took the plunge? My dad always wanted to play the banjo but never did.  What does your loved one talk about doing but hasn’t gotten the stuff to do it?  What about home beer brewing or playing the guitar?  Perhaps you can get something for them that will help get them going on a new hobby.

The main idea is that you need to think it through and get something that your loved one will hold on to for years to come.  The most important thing is not the gift at all, it’s that you took the time to say that you care about them as a person rather than buying the latest gadget or gizmo at the last minute.

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