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Maisto R/C 67 Ford Mustang

Maisto – the manufacturer of detailed die-cast models, introduces their inaugural line of hot RC vehicles. Maisto Pro Rodz RC Series is “bling bling” as they say.  This vehicle is so awesomely detailed, you cannot just leave it on display. You gotta take this baby out for a ride and put your neighbors’ RC cars to shame. […]


Karaoke at Christmas Time

Most people don’t associate karaoke with Christmas time at all. In fact, karaoke still suffers from a bit of a cheesy reputation perpetuated by depictions in popular movies and television shows. A whole segment of the population immediately thinks of someone making a fool of themselves in front of total strangers when the subject of […]


Make Your Own Mail Carrier Set

Do your children love it when the mailman comes?  Ours do!  They get very excited about going out to meet him on days when the weather is nice, and they enjoy pretending to deliver the mail as well.  So when I stumbled across this super cute craft, I had to share it as an excellent […]


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