Aeromax Jr. Firefighter Suit

These days all I hear my son asking me is if he can play my iPod or video games or watch TV. We know as grown ups that this can’t be a good long term thing for our kids to do. They need to use their mind, imagination and run out all that energy we know that they have. At our house we have a trunk of dress up clothes for our kids to play with and when they break into it a great time is had by all. But one outfit our boys just love is the fire fighter.

I was looking at Amazon and saw this and immediately know I had to share it with you! This fireman’s suit has suspender-pants, a jacket and helmet. The thing that jumped out at me is that it’s all cotton- including the helmet. We have some fire fighter outfits with a hard plastic helmet and have seen it injure our kids on occasion. The soft cotton will protect your kid where ours ran screaming! However you don’t give up a ton of authenticity–the colors are right on to actual fire fighter suits and have realistic zippers, buckles and gauntlet cuffs.  Click here and buy now to get free shipping!!

Aeromax Jr. Firefighter Suit

Maisto R/C 67 Ford Mustang

Maisto – the manufacturer of detailed die-cast models, introduces their inaugural line of hot RC vehicles. Maisto Pro Rodz RC Series is “bling bling” as they say.  This vehicle is so awesomely detailed, you cannot just leave it on display. You gotta take this baby out for a ride and put your neighbors’ RC cars to shame. Everything you need to race is included. Installed RC equipment with batteries. It comes with a Dash Console Design Transmitter. Maisto Playerz Luxury Series RC vehicle is perfect for both novice and advanced RC enthusiasts. It also makes a perfect collector’s item. Requires: 3 x AA Battery (Not included) and 1 x 9v Battery (Not included).


R/C Mustang


Karaoke at Christmas Time

christmas karaoke machineMost people don’t associate karaoke with Christmas time at all. In fact, karaoke still suffers from a bit of a cheesy reputation perpetuated by depictions in popular movies and television shows. A whole segment of the population immediately thinks of someone making a fool of themselves in front of total strangers when the subject of karaoke comes up. But it’s important to realize that karaoke is more popular than ever and it’s making great inroads to becoming more mainstream each year. There is no denying that sales of home karaoke machines are higher than ever, and many families enjoy it together in the comfort of their own living rooms.

So what does karaoke have to do with Christmas? Remember that a big part of Christmas has to do with singing and sharing the holidays through song. If you’re old enough, then you will remember a time when Christmas carollers traveled from home to home while singing classics such as “White Christmas” and “Silent Night”. It was also common for more traditional families to gather around the fireplace and sing songs together on Christmas Eve in anticipation of opening their presents. It’s a bit sad that some of this musical tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside in modern times. For one reason or another, we don’t see carollers on the street anymore and many people don’t even know the lyrics to some of the most popular Christmas carols of all time.

If you want to interject a bit of tradition and song into your next Christmas season, then the answer may lie in karaoke. Once you put aside any preconceptions that you have, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a great way to blend modern technology with old-time fun. There’s something magical about karaoke and the way it connects people through the power of music, and all you have to do is visit a singing bar to see dozens of strangers coming together in celebration of their favorite songs. With a karaoke machine in the heart of your living room it can be the perfect centerpiece to give your entire family something to do during Christmas time. Even the grumpiest grandpa or the most cynical teenager will melt once the music starts playing. People can’t help themselves when it comes to karaoke and it will be even more magical in such a comfortable family setting.

There are great systems these days that standalone with self-contained displays, or you can get a product that hooks up to your big screen TV. There are also wonderful Christmas compilations that feature all of your favorites, and it won’t matter if you don’t know the words because they will scroll right in front of you while familiar tunes play in the background. With an extra microphone you will be able to sing wonderful duets, and of course you can top off the evening by having your entire family join in on the final song. And don’t forget, you don’t necessarily have to stick with a Christmas theme for the entire night since you can just as easily move on to singing classic rock songs or modern pop favorites. You’ll find that it won’t take long for everyone to get into the spirit of the holiday season, and you’ll wonder why you never thought of trying karaoke at Christmas before.

Remember that a karaoke machine can also make the perfect Christmas gift for kids of all ages. There are basic systems that will delight children and allow them to sing for hours. Modern systems can be portable enough to use at birthday parties or to bring along for a sleepover. And if you happen to be shopping for an adult, then there are plenty of high-end models that feature such things as pre-programmed songs, auto-tuning, iPod compatibility, and disco lights.

Make Your Own Mail Carrier Set

Do your children love it when the mailman comes?  Ours do!  They get very excited about going out to meet him on days when the weather is nice, and they enjoy pretending to deliver the mail as well.  So when I stumbled across this super cute craft, I had to share it as an excellent gift idea for Christmas….

make your own mail bag


Isn’t it adorable?  If you have any sewing skills, I’d suggest browsing around the twelve crafts for Christmas site.  There was a felt food project with cute strawberries, a doll making project, and more!  Obviously, this isn’t a last minute gift idea.  But if you want something homemade for your child this year, it’s definitely got a few ideas there!

Brother XL2600I

Are you looking for a great Christmas idea for the budding seamstress in the family or maybe just a mom who needs to sew a button now and then–check out the Brother XL2600I.  This is a really nice entry level sewing machine that has a lot of great features for the money like:

  • 25 available stitches
  • needle threader
  • auto bobbin winding
  • thread cutter
  • 1-step auto-size buttonholer
  • drop-in bobbin loading

This works off of a traditional US 110 volt plug and has a work light and stitching speed foot control.  You’ll be able to work on small or large projects with the free arm and be able to do perfect buttons with it’s one step automatic  button holer.

So don’t wait check it out and get free shipping for this by clicking here!

Brother XL2600I


Metal Beyblade Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

If you haven’t heard of Beyblades you may have been under a rock but I’ll give you a quick primer here: tops are started to spin by rip cords in an arena and made to collide.  The last top spinning wins!  This set  pictured below has everything you’ll need to get started: an arena, 2 Beyblades and everything you need to launch and assemble the tops.

You heard me right, assembly is required but that’s where the fun starts.  You can rebuild your Beyblades to have different characteristics allowing them to spin differently to be most apprpriate for the opponent and arena.  This really allows players to continue to play and learn what combinations work best in various circumstances.  Also there are ways more experienced players can handicap themselves to allow fun for all Beyblade sill levels.

Check this out by clicking here to see this product and other Beyblades or click the picture below to find some of the best prices on the market!

Metal Beyblade Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set


While you are at it, make sure you are ready for this Christmas season.  We’ve just added a special report to our site on getting ready for Christmas.  You can get it by signing up at the right, or clicking on free report above.  There’s also a helpful newsletter that will give you tips on shopping online, as well as great Christmas ideas, and really awesome sales when we see them (not all the time though, cause that’s just annoying :))

Zubbles – Colored Bubble Fun!

Does your child love bubbles?  Then Zubbles are sure to be a hit!  These colored bubbles come in blue and pink.

zubbles colored bubblesClick Here to See Price!

The bubbles are formulated to evaporate cleanly without leaving any residue.  You can help them along by wiping them off, however.

Mindflex Duel Game

Well, the annual New York toy fair has come and gone, and given us a lot of great gift ideas for Christmas.  One that we’re really looking forward to is the Mindflex Duel Game.

Click Here to Order with Free Shipping!

Mindflex Duel takes the original Mindflex game concept to a new level – you can now challenge a friend to see who has the greater powers of concentration.  Take the ball higher and lower by increasing or decreasing your mental activity, and play against each other in games like basketball, race the lights, and power push.  Only one can be champion!

This game is sure to be a hit amongst competitive boys and lovers of the Force everywhere.

Buy FIJIT Friends!

This is it, the toy that everyone wants for Christmas 2011!  This is a great new interactive toy. Logan, a smart, fun, and funny Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that’ll become your child’s new bestie. With soft skin that allows cool movements, these Fijit Friends have nifty interactive features, that include voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in retorts. This is great for ages six and up and you child will not put this down.  You’ll find that there are 4 different characters that all have their own personality.

Figit Friends Logan

Check out Logan here and all his friends at Amazon!  Get the best price by clicking here.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Your child can fly around the neighborhood to get to their friend’s house or the park with ease with the Razor E100.  This is a super-quiet chain driven electric scooter that can move up to 10mph.  That’s fast enough for them to have fun, not fast enough to turn them into a terror (on wheels anyway).  It’s got a twist grip throttle and can be ridden for about 40 minutes.  You’ll need to get up to 3 mph before the motor will engage. The scooter is sturdy and the front tire is rugged enough to take any minor bumps or rocks that a sidewalk can dish out.  This is recommended for kids 8-13 and under 120 pounds.  Click this link to make your purchase now or check out some more info! Available in Red, Pink, Sweet Pea, or Blue.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Click Here Now to Get Free Shipping!

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